Crunches be gone! The truth to a toned core.

I once believed that by doing crunches I would get a toned core. Hmmmm ... I did a lot of crunches and to no avail ... no strong core or ‘flat’ belly. (Note: my goal has shifted and I no longer aim towards a flat .. anything!😆)

I shortened and ‘crunched’ for a long time, until I learned the power in the opposite ... how to lengthen my belly through the bow alignment.

What a difference I experienced in tone and strength! Oh da long belly!!

What happens when the belly lengthens?

•nourishes the whole digestion process

•opens creativity

•automatically opens the front of the throat (where most people have a tendency to close)

•tone and strengthens all of the muscles

•demonstrates courage and a willingness to embody a new perspective

And a lot more! Learn how to open your belly in a way that supports the health of your back and your whole being.

Can you see the slightest lift to my heels in these photos? That lift is activating the back chain of muscles in my body ... WHAAAAA?!?! So cool how everything is connected and the slightest bit of engages my glutes and everything else. #lovethispractice

Introduction of Bowspring online class series begins Nov 5! DM me for more details. #bowspring #lengthen #learn #grow #longbellieshavemorefun


Posture Blossom

Which pic feels more uplifting, flattering, hopeful and trusting to you? 🤔!!

Our posture communicates a lot about us.

It is one of the strongest non-verbal communicators there is. What is interesting to me is that not only are we communicating to those around us with our posture, but our posture is also communicating to our own bodies. The way we are holding ourselves (posture) influences hormones and neurotransmitters and probably do much more and it is absolutely fascinating! 

For example: A shortened belly w shoulders collapsed inward literally communicates to the body sadness and depression because that is the shape the nervous system takes in those states of being. An open and long belly w full ribs and arms extended up and out communicate to the body we are happy because that is the expression of happiness. In this posture we decrease cortisol and increases testosterone.

Come and learn an empowering posture w me in my Bowspring online class series. A strong and soft posture that you take into every aspect of your life and all of your relationships I teach you how to embody a posture of humble confidence while also helping you to feel strong and open.

It is radically different.

It is radically amazing.

I call it the ‘Posture Blossom’! 🌟🐰🦋 come and posture blossom w me using the powerful Bowspring method!! This alignment helps to heal chronic pain while also teaching you how to maintain a healthy posture in all that you do.

We begin in two weeks! Let me know if you want more info. 💕🐰

Please note : I realize that I am always growing 👏🏼 and am still working on my posture and how to hold myself in a posture of ‘trust’ in all of life’s experiences. From the second photo I see that I can fill and lift through my back ribs a little bit more. #alwayslearning #bowspring #postureblossom #posture #posturematters


To block stomach acid or not ....

I keep seeing Pepsid ads on fb …and this helps me know that fb is not really tracking me as closely I have thought because as a nutritionist and someone who is addresses the root cause of an issue, not just put a band aid over the symptom, they would know that I would never EVER suggest anyone take Pepsid when experiencing heart burn.

Here’s why: (let me geek out with you for just a moment…)

Often times the root cause of heart burn and acid reflux is because there is not enough acid in the stomach, not too much. Yes, you read that correctly. Suppressing stomach acid only exasterbates the situation and creates a vicious cycle of malnutrition and dependency on these pharmaceuticals.

The thing is that there needs to be a certain amount of acid in the stomach in order to properly communicate to the lower esophageal sphincter to close (the little sphincter that is at the bottom of the esophagus and keeps the food in the stomach). If there isn’t enough acid in the stomach, it doesn’t close and contents from the stomach will rise into the esophagus.

Ouch! Painful! That is when the very unpleasant experience of heart burn happens.

When proton pump inhibitors, acid blockers, antacids,H2 blockers are taken for a long period of time the risk of nutrient and mineral deficiencies are increased exponentially. Researchers have also found a huge connection between Alzheimers and many other disorders with people who take acid blockers. Plus you are only partially digesting your food because it isn't properly being broken down.

What to do … focus on increasing stomach acid! Apple cider vinegar, Hydrochloric acid supplements … drink aloe vera juice when experiencing a bout of heart burn or I like the supplement Acid Soothe from Enzymedica. Ditch the processed and triggering foods and opt for whole food and organic diet. Increase filtered water intake.

Reduce stress! Relaxation can increase stomach acid andof stress reduces hydrochloric acid. If you want specific support, reach out to me personally.

This post is not intended to treat or diagnose any illness .. blah blah blah but to protect my cute ass, check with your doctor before getting off of acid blockers or do more research!!!!!!

Has anyone successfully gotten off of acid blockers, Proton Pump inhibitors, antacids, H2 blockers? Pepsid, Zantac, Tagamet, Tums … there are so many types and brands out there. Don’t fall for it. Asking *why* this is happening can save your health.

These precious little enzymes!

At 6am on the last morning of my trip in Mexico I woke up very sick.

The worst stomach pain I have ever experienced had me in the bathroom w diarrhea. Wretched stomach cramping with heart palpating, sweating profusely, and muscles trembling I found myself very scared and not knowing what to do. I kept asking for help from God.

While laying in the floor of this bathroom w no ventilation and smelling the awful scent of synthetic cleaning products I remembered I brought these enzymes~ for this very purpose, if I got sick. So I crawled back to my casita and took four and prayed that I would be able to keep them down.

Because I needed to be by the toilet, yet also outside because I needed the fresh breeze I found myself laying helpless next the a sculptured pyramid, topless. The sensation of fabric on my skin was greatly irritation. I kept praying whatever needed to be released to leave and asking my angels to be w me. All the beautiful tan color from my face totally drained. I was *in* it.

The first person to see me was a groundskeeper for the hotel. He approached  me w urgency and w spotty English asked  if I was okay ....

As I replied, "Nooooooo, im not okay", a deep mountainous cry emerged. It felt as if these tears were from my ancestors and inside of them my body began convulsing. I cried and cried. He stood there, watching me w love and compassion and total bewilderment as I cried.

And then, in the middle of this crying the cramping stopped.

All of a sudden I didn't hurt anymore. Oh my god. I didn't hurt.

I felt weak and grateful I wasn't in agony. I made it back to my hammock and rested feeling completely in awe that I didn't hurt. I rested for a hour and at then I felt totally fine. I told myself to take it slow so I did, but later that afternoon I was renting a bike and riding through the city, then later playing music by the ocean.

I attribute this healing to Spirit coming in the form of these enzymes! Also, letting myself  be seen by this gentleman in such a raw and vulnerable place was deeply healing for me on an emotional/spiritual level.

Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme, The active ingredient in the supplement and when taken on an empty stomach eases inflammation. I don't know how it works w pathogenic bacteria, yeasts, parasites but I am studying it much more right now! Also, a girlfriend of mine took these for lymphedema and has experienced tremendous benefit.

Just wanted to share how powerful this was for me and how it helped me so so so much!

Do you Have an experience w these enzymes? They are the bomb digggggs!


Supplements that can support overcoming chronic anxiety...

The store ailes have been full of people inquiring about and needing supplements that can help them calm down. It seems like anxiety is at an all time high.

We have a tool kit full of support that can assist in us mellowing out.
Along w connecting with Spirit (in my opinion the most valuable tool in our kit), deep breathing, eating a whole foods & organic diet, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), floating, exercising, reiki, massage, acupuncture, mediation and napping, here are some other tools that can be supportive in overcoming chronic anxiety. What is not pictured here and that is can be SO SO helpful is also CBD's.

I suggest taking probiotics, EPA/DHA, b-vitamins (w methylated B9 (folate) and B12), vitamin D, and CBD's consistently along with a quality multi-vitamin (not pictured). Then please do your own research about which other supplements might benefit you specifically.
Note: Supplements (especially amino acids) can interact with prescirption medications, so please talk w your doc and/or do your own research.
Also, this post is not intended to treat, mitigate or diagnose any illness.
Pictured here from left to right: Magnesium CALM, omega-3 fatty acids (EPA/DHA), coenxyme B complex, herbal formula liquid bliss (so so my fav!), probiotics, GABA, L-theanine, vitamin d3. Have you tried any of these supplements to support calming down? What has worked for you? Also, do you take anything that isn't photographed here?


Core supplements to support optimal health!

If we are eating a whole foods-based diet do we need to supplement? 

yes, we do! Learn why this is important in this video and what supplements are important to take on a daily basis. 

but first, I'll give you a little hint ;)  

1) high-quality, food-based, gender specific multivitamin

2) omega-3 fatty acid's, specifically EPA and DHA found in fish or algae oil  

3) probiotics

4) vitamin D

Sleep tips from a nutritional perspective!

Did you know that what we eat at time 'x' can influence the way we feel at time 'y'? Especially when talking about sleep. Yes, that means what you eat for breakfast can impact the quality of sleep you may or may not receiving. Check out this video to learn what else can be influencing your sleep and what you can do about it.

Is grass-fed, organic, pasture raised meats worth the extra cost?

Awareness brought to uncomfortable topics is critical so we can make empowered decisions and inspire CHANGE! So, this week's topic is: Is organic, grass-fed, pasture raised meats worth the extra cost~ YES!

28.8 million pounds of antibiotics are used annually in the feed of animals living in Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) ... this is contributing to antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria being produced and affecting our health~ big time.

Here are solutions, if you eat meat~ how you can do it so it supports your health and the health of Big Mama!  Check it out here!

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Medicinally energizing chocolate in less than 3 minutes!

Let me take the lead in this one...

For an afternoon medicinal pick-me-up that happens to be the dankest raw chocolate, mix together:

3 tbsp raw tahini

2 tbsp raw cacao powder

1.5 tbs Royal jelly

1 tsp matcha green tea powder

1/2 tsp vanilla

Sprinkle cinnamon, sprinkle sea salt

Mix thoroughly either in vitamix or by hand.

Only need a couple of bites to feel like tap dancing on the moon. And hello cleavage!😛😛 (chocolate and cleavage is a dynamite duo.)