I met a woman on my hike….

While hiking yesterday I saw a woman standing on the side of the trail and as we shared smiles she said, 'oh, isn't this the best place to come and pray?' and I agreed. ((prayer happens in many forms)) … The both of us stood there talking about prayer and the many ways we commune with the divine. Then from a tender place she began to weep. Almost immediately she was apologizing for crying and I assured it was okay (better than okay, celebrated). She then looked up at me with curious eyes, tears everywhere and said "it is my daughter, she died two years ago and she would be your age. You have similar eyes to hers, and hair. Oh I miss her so much." She said this as she looked at/through 'me', studying my face, but seeing her daughter. She came closer to my face, both of us crying at this point, and reached for the similarities of her daughter through me. I met her eyes, we cried. 

"I have now received the answer to my prayer… I always knew that she went to heaven, but now I am certain. Thank you for not thinking I am crazy ..." We hugged and cried some more. As we parted, I was weak in the knees~ my chest felt both light and heavy. I turned back to her and thanked her profusely for such an experience. She nodded and blew me a kiss. This will be a part of me forever. Please send some love to Bernadette (mama) and Noel (her sweet daughter). lovel love. love. I cry as I write this now. So humble and honored I feel.