bowspring movement practice

The Bowspring was created by Desi Springer in Denver Colorado and is an embodied movement practice that focuses on honoring the natural curvature of the spine. It is also:

A curvy, springy, healthy posture.

A dynamic postural template for optimal functionality and graceful movement for any body. 

A proportional, geometric relationship between the curves of the ribcage (heart), head and hips.  

A synergy of alignment between 10 key parts of the body to create fluid lightness and springy power for peoples of any age. 

Please visit: www.globalbowspring.com and www.vitalbowpsring.com for more information.

I teach Sunday mornings at 9am a Bowspring Roots series at the Headquarters studio at: 3955 Tennyson street, Denver Colorado 80212 

I am available for private instruction.