bowspring movement practice

Create more spring in your everyday movement! 

The Bowspring method is an alignment system that is based on the natural curves of the spine and body.

It is a dynamic posture system that is designed to support the optimal functionality in our every day movement of standing, sitting, walking, squatting, dancing.

It is therapeutic and is helping many experience health in the lower back and whole body!

Please visit: www.globalbowspring.com for more information. 

I teach online and in-person group classes, workshops and privates. 


"I can't believe how open and free I feel in my body. Usually, after any movement practice my back is talking to me. I don't feel that and I am slightly amazed. I will definitely be scheduling again." Allison H.

"My ass is booty is waking up! I feel that my whole backside has been asleep and this practice is waking up my whole body like never before. I love your instruction. Your cues are easy to follow through this detailed movement." Robin J.

"My body is feeling great. More freedom, more awareness, more curve and no pain.  Applying the principles often.... mostly when I am sitting, because I sit so much for work. But also when I am swimming! I love that I can take this with me everywhere." Matt A.

"....I love your hands on assists! The adjustments you give me feel so good in my body." Amy E. 

"Why doesn't everyone know about the Bowspring? I love this! It feels so natural and free to me. It feels like it is what my body has always wanted to do, but didn't know how to do it. Now I am learning! So very exciting to continue to practice with you Paris!" Natalie M.