Detox Glypphosate: love your heatlh cleanse 

Food allergies, autoimmune disorders, leaky gut, GI problems, depression, fatigue, skin disorders, ADD, ADHD, autism, cancer ..... are just a handful of the imbalances that are linked to exposure to glyphosate. 

In 2016, 300 millions lbs were sprayed in the United States.

In 2015 the World Health Organization named glyphosate a probable carcinogen and yet our government and industrialized agriculture system continues to do nothing about the amounts we are exposed to. It is the most widely used herbicide in the world and its use is only on the rise. We are being exposed through our food, water, and air. 

THIS MEANS WE MUST RISE! Here is the opportunity: 

Option 1 cleanse: In this cleanse the focus will be on a eating 90% organic, non-gmo diet and using products to support the body in breaking down glyphosate and also protect the body from future exposure. 

Eathering Practice is also highly encouraged :) 

Time Commitment: 30 days of eating a 90% organic diet and taking the supplements and drinking filtered water.

Products used in this cleanse: 
Cost Difference of purchasing organic food: ...

Biome-Medic, $60
Restore, $30
Ether Elixir: $5.19/bottle for 10 days
Earthing: Free
Total cost: $144

Option 2: Give your body a deeper cleansing experience that is still gentle and yet thorough. We begin this journey with the Purium 10-day transformation cleanse and finish the month eating 90% organic, non-gmo foods and continuing to take Restore and Biome-Medic and drinking Ether Elixir.

Time Commitment: 30 days total and 10 day Transformation Cleanse

Products used in this cleanse:
10-day transformation cleanse: $260
Biome-Medic: Free with purchase of clenase
Restore: $30
Ether Elixir: $5.19/bottle for ten days
Earthing: Free
Total Cost: $294
Note, this final price includes a $50 off Purium coupon

You can purchase products here: ... use the code: platka
To purchase restore, visit:

Both cleanses with offer a live nutrition talk and Q & A with Master Nutrition Therapist, Paris Latka

Please note, if you are interested in beginning this journey with us on January 8, than you must order your products by Dec. 29. Please talk w me directly prior to purchasing any of the products so you can get discount codes! 

Learn more here about glyphosate and how it is impacting our health: