emotional eating support

It is high-time that you stop feeling guilty for the bag of cookies you just ate! Yes, I am giving you full permission. Plus, when you are feeling guilt when food is in the stomach, eighty percent of digestion shuts down. Guilt is literally constipating!

If you just ate a bag of chocolate chip cookies ... 

A) you are not alone ... totally been there!

B) there is probably a really intelligent reason that you ate the cookies. I know it sounds crazy, but I help you discover the underlying issue of what drove you to the cookies and we address the food 'issue' from the tap root. It is from my personal experience and experience working with many people who have food 'issues' that when the mother root is tapped (what drove you to the cookies) the desire for the cookies becomes less of a deal. 

I work with the behavior patterns of binge eating, chronic dieting ,over-eating.