Q: What is Nutrition Therapy?

A:  Nutrition Therapy utilizes the power of whole foods to fuel the healing experience. The human body is constantly breaking down and rebuilding cellular tissue. Optimal health is experienced when these processes are functioning efficiently. When processed/packaged foods, excess sugar, rancid fats and food allergens are eliminated from the diet, the body communicates more effectively creating a space where health can flourish.



Q: What is an "Alive food class" and how do I find one?

A:  I teach my Alive Food Cooking demonstrations from the perspective of utilizing the power of food as a way to bring us into alignment with thriving health. Easy to implement food tips are offered in conjunction with explanations of how particular foods and their nutrients enhance and maintain our health. Everything I do as a yoga instructor, eating coach, master nutrition therapist, and therapeutic chef is brought to my Alive Food Cooking demonstrations and workshops. Participants leave with more than just several recipes - they also take with them a nutritional and emotional awareness of food and their bodies that can be implemented immediately. 

Check the Events page for my next class! I also teach group private classes. If you’re interested please send me a message.


Q: What is Eating Psychology Coaching? 

A:  As a culture, much of our personal and collective conversation about health and well-being is spent talking about what to eat and what to avoid. It is important to expand this conversation to include our relationship with food. Your relationship with food directly influences your digestion, metabolism, ability to lose weight, and determines what nutrients are assimilated from your meals. I work with my clients to strengthen their emotional relationship with food to overcome unwanted habits and behaviors. Together we examine these habits to redefine what health and beauty means. I work with each client to create an empowering personalized concept of wellness where a strong foundation of wellbeing and health can thrive.  


Q: What does a session with me look like?

A:  Call me for a free 20 minute consultation where we will discuss your needs and then together assess if we are a good match. If you decide to move forward with coaching, our first session will be 90 minutes with follow up sessions at 75 minutes each.