Work with me to:

Learn the Bowspring Alignment System that supports healing chronic body pain and cultivates ease in every day movement

Empower your relationship with food

Learn what foods support the health of your body/mind and what foods do not

Understand how and why the quality of food matters to your health

Hello! I'm Paris, a Bowspring instructor, Master Nutrition Therapist, Emotional Eating Coach, Therapeutic Chef and Food Quality Educator.  

I offer support in digestive health, weight management, binge eating, compulsive eating, fatigue, type 2 diabetes, chronic inflammation, heart disease and food allergies. Please see my offerings below and contact me for more details or to schedule a session.


Bowspring alignment method

Heal chronic pain and cultivate an empowered posture so your every day movements of standing, sitting, walking, squatting, dancing can be full of grace and feel good in your body! 

The wisdom of this alignment is based on the natural curves of the spine and body. Yes, that means NO MORE TUCKING THE TAIL BONE! Learn how to cultivate your curves and create a synergistic ease that promotes a lightness throughout the body and a deeper connection to self. Created by Desi Springer, you can learn more at: 



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nutrition therapy

Whether you are looking to feel better in your body, more mental clarity, wanting to lose weight, or combating a lifestyle related illness, I work with you to create a nutrition-based road-map that is best suited for you. Together we will we create menu plans that are conducive to your lifestyle and that are designed to increase energy levels and your overall health.






emotional eating support

Are you a friend or foe with your food?

Depending our your answer, your digestion is impacted upon this relationship.

Do you struggle with chronic dieting, binge eating, mindless eating, overeating? Do you use food to check out?  In our work together I support you in the finding the wisdom within the challenges so you can genuinely overcome these issues.

I help you to become friends with your food! Together, we create a strong foundation of well-being where balanced eating and wellness flourish. 






Food Quality Education

We cannot have a conversation about maintaining the health of our bodies while excluding the health of our Earth. We are direct reflections of each other. 

Food has changed more in the last sixty years than is has in the last ten-thousand. For example, a conventional strawberry is sprayed with a chemical cocktail of over fifty pesticides and herbicides. When a crop is heavily sprayed with chemicals the crop doesn't have the opportunity to fully develop its immune system to fight off pests on its own. Therefore the amount of phytonutrients and antioxidants that are offered to us from the plant, is much less. Also, the chemicals used to grow our food, when eaten through one's life, can strain the detoxification pathways and then accumulate through the body.

Please note, these are always solution oriented conversations!